The National Qirat Competition Q Factor is a supplementary project of Global Aid Trust. It has been launched in 2012. Over the period of time, it has been running successfully. Channel S is the Media Partner. It is a unique platform which enables to find new Quranic Talents from the youngsters. Contestants are aspiring to be a reciter and speaker on Quranic language. It helps to explore their hidden Quranic Talent and to bring excellence to the youngsters. It covers one of the main objectives of Global Aid Trust which promotes education for the humanity.

In furtherance of the main charity objectives, it is important that GAT adapts strategic fundraising events in order to raise funds for:

  • Orphans,
  • Poor pupils,
  • Eye cataract
  • Clean water (tube well, Deep tube well) in Bangladesh and Somalia.

Educational Outcomes of the competitors:

Apart from helping out poor children outside UK, this event would contribute towards advancing educational benefits to the UK children in many ways such as:

  • Boosting children’s literacy and oracy in English
  • Improving their presentation skills
  • Improving their ‘Recitation’ skills
  • Raising their confidence and learning motivation
  • Increasing their self-esteem