Important Dates

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Live telephone round screening

Please call on Channel S from January to February 2017, Every Saturday-Sunday, Between 3.00pm-5.00pm

Quarter & Semi Final

Live from Channel S Studio## End of Quarter Final: 16/04/2017 Results of Quarter Final: 24/04/2017 Live from Channel S studio## Semi-Final: 29/04/2017 & 30/04/2017 (Junior Group), Semi-Final: 06/05/2017 & 07/05/2017 (Teen Group), Results of Semi-Final: 08/05/2017


Grand Final: 20/05/2017 Saturday (Junior Group) 21/05/2017 Sunday (Teen Group) Grand Celebration: 29/07/2017 Saturday


Here you will find all the key information related to Q-Factor Competition. Q-Factor is the largest annual Nationwide Qira'at Competition in the UK; organised by Global Aid Trust in partnership with Channel S. Q-Factor was launched in November 2012 in order to enhance academic excellence and Quranic knowledge in the young Muslim generations in the best possible manner.

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Could you or your child recite Holy Quran with tajweed? Register yourself to compete in Q-Factor Qiraatul Quran.

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