Competition Tips

One: Practice to increase your breath

Quran recitation is complete art in its self, there are certain tricks of good Qur’an recitation. Beauty of recitation is in completing an ayah in a single breath and not stopping in between unnecessarily. As recitation is not mere reading, you have to spend a certain amount of time at each word and alphabet according to rules, so you need a long breath. Often people can not hold their breath for long time. You can practise little exercises to increase your stamina of holding breath. Like you can try to hold your breath (just an exercise ,not while reciting) and find your limit at 30 seconds, keep on practicing and holding breath to increase this time span to 40-50-10-110 seconds and so on.
RECITE, RECITE AS MUCH AS YOU CAN. Follow the first advice given to the Prophet Muhammad ṣallallāhu ‘alayhiwasallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) “Recite!”. Recite as much as you can, as frequently as you can. Nothing can replace this discipline. The more you do it, the better you get at it. Before you know it, you’ll be reading an unfamiliar page in the same amount of time it used to take you to read a couple of lines.

Tip Two: Try to avail break points (Waqf)

There are certain break points (waqf) in Qur’an,where you are allowed, and sometimes recommended, to stop. Use them as bonus, and gather as much air in your lungs as you can to finish rest of the ayah comfortably. This tip can help you finish ayah beautifully instead of finishing it fast to complete ayah.

Tip Three: Associate your new habits with old ones:

Link your habits. As you offer prayer 5 times a day, you can link your Qur’an recitation with it. Do recite any two short surahs at the end of each prayer, instead of devoting a separate hour of the day for practice of Qur’an recitation. Or you can try reciting during salah, but make sure all your focus is not on beautification of surah , salaah need your attention and focus itself.

Tip Four: Do not be hasty

You can’t become master of Qur’an recitation in a single day. Go slow but steady. Learn something, and then spend proper time to practice what you learn. Donot go on next step until you find your grip firm on previous step.

Tip Five: Quality over quantity

Two ayah you recite perfectly with out any mistake are much better than the two pages you read with poor understanding, stuttering, stammering and lots of mistakes.

Tip Six: Smart use of your smart phone:

Download Qur’an with audio in your phone. In this way, you can practice your Quran recitation at any time. There are certain Tajweed apps also available, you can try them also.

Tip Seven: Read along with a good reciter

While playing any audio of any reciter, try to recite with them. Focus on makhaarij and time delays for each alphabet. Notice the ups and downs in voice and try to recite with the reciter. This can make your recitation much better.

Tip Eight: Be strong when calling over the phone

To improve your confidence in calling over the phone, practise on reciting over the phone with your parents or siblings or friends. If you keep doing it before calling the TV hot line, you would not feel nervous. If you are qualified for Quarter Final, you might feel nervous. Please remember, it is so simple. You have to feel that you are reciting all your alone in your room, but you need to look at the TV camera sometimes.

Tip Nine: Speech practice

For Semi final, you will have to deliver a speech in English. It is a proper and professional speech. Write down your whole talk, memorise and keep practising it again and again. Try to listen to a famous speaker and follow their tone, style, language etc. Develop your confidence and fluency. Check our mark scheme in ‘Rules of Q-Factor’ page.

Tip Ten: Leave things to Allah

Please remember, success comes from Allah. So, never rely on your own talent or skills; always rely on the mercy and ‘Tawfique’ from Allah. Never be proud of yourself, be humble and thankful to Allah if you win or do not win. If you have faith in Allah and have trust in Him whether you win or not, you have actually gained a big victory !! So, in the eye of Allah, all competitors at Q-Factor are awesome, special and successful. (Courtesy: )